Year 7 to 12

Year 7 to 12  Year Level Co-ordinators

Year Level Co-ordinators have responsibility for the organisation and conduct of students. The duties of the Co-ordinators include enrolling students, placing them in form groups and organising courses and student reports. Co-ordinators meet with parents via organised parent/ teacher nights and through interviews arranged for specific purposes. Co-ordinators also have a welfare role which is concerned with the education of the student, as well as with discipline and school rules such as uniform and attendance. Co-ordinators are the liaison person between the Principal, Student Wellbeing Co-ordinators, Student Services and the teachers. Should you have a concern about any matter related to the school, Co-ordinators are the first person to contact.

Sub School Adminstrative Assistants

In order to better assist students and parents, our Sub School offices have an Administrative Assistant who is able to assist with queries (other than those of a financial nature) relating to their particular sub school, or transfer you to a Coordinator.  The types of queries that are answered by the assistants relate to attendance, early leavers and late passes, phone messages for students, excursion/camp enquiries, and all general enquiries relating to the particular year levels.

Home Group teachers / Home Group

Home Group teachers have the first contact with the students each morning. Home Group teachers work in conjunction with the Year Level Co-ordinators to ensure that each student is happy, safe and progressing academically. Home Group teachers may also be your first point of contact with any concerns regarding your child.

Attendance at home group assembly is compulsory. Students receive many important messages and copious amounts of information, making their presence essential.

Compass ‘News Items’ are read out during Home Group Assembly.  Students are encouraged to view News Items daily, as important notices about day to day organisation for students are entered on a regular basis.