Return to Onsite Learning

Dear LHS Families,

You would have heard in the media over the weekend that the return to onsite learning date has been brought forward to this Friday October 22 – good news for everyone!

Return to school arrangements are as follows:

Friday October 22 – Year 7 and 11 return full time

Friday October 22 – Year 10 return for the day, then every Thursday and Friday

Tuesday October 26 – Year 8 and 9 return Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Monday November 1 All students return full time

Year 10 students studying a Unit 2 VCE subject – we invite you in to attend your VCE class onsite and, if you are unable to make it home to attend your Year 10 subjects online, the Library will be available for you to work from.

We will provide time outside for each year level on their first day back, to reconnect with their friends and teachers. Fingers crossed for sunny days!


We will endeavour to ensure that the COVID safe protocols are in place including allowing PE uniforms to be worn on the days students have timetabled PE classes. This enables us to minimise the use of change rooms. Please note that it is full PE uniform only, not a half normal uniform and half PE uniform arrangement.


I have had a number of parents ask about the vaccination requirement for students, there is currently no official requirement for students to be vaccinated to return to school, however, we are aware that many have made bookings or are already vaccinated. 


We will again require students to bring their own mask from home and wear it properly both inside and outside as per community requirements. I again ask all students to assist us to maintain a safe environment by following through with mask wearing. Students must remain at home if unwell.

Learning and Assessment

We understand that remote learning has been challenging, it’s not easy to replicate the classroom environment remotely. However, I strongly encourage everyone to continue to stay up with the learning and submit the required tasks until back onsite. Teachers will be assisting their students to successfully complete the year both now and when everyone returns, we do however, need students to stay engaged and give it their best shot. Our next reporting cycle will begin soon.

Health and Wellbeing

Health and wellbeing is always a priority and will continue to be as our students return to onsite learning. The student wellbeing team members; Jane Robbins, Shirley Watson, Kate Fisher and Rob Webb are ready to assist students at any time as we return to onsite learning. They are also available whilst students learn remotely.  

Year 12 Exams 

Good luck to our Year 12 students who begin their VCAA exams on Wednesday October 27. It’s not been an easy two years as VCE students but you’ve made it! Information was sent to all students regarding the COVID Safe protocols and processes in the event of being a close contact. Please make sure you read the information carefully.

Looking forward to Friday!

Kind regards,

Wendy Powson